Paket Mutfak Press Release

Turkish ghost kitchen startup Paket Mutfak raises $3 million.

Istanbul, Turkey - November 2, 2022 

Paket Mutfak, Turkey’s leading ghost kitchen startup, has secured a seed investment round totaling $3 million. The round includes an investment from Nokta Yatırım, the venture investment arm of Nokta Yatırım Holding, as well as IGA (Istanbul Airport) CEO Kadri Samsunlu, TikTak Founder Ersan Öztürk, and the company’s existing investors. This brings Paket Mutfak’s total raise to date to $4.3 million. Accompanying the seed round, Paket Mutfak has strengthened its board of advisors with its early stage angel investors, 500 Emerging Europe General Partner Enis Hulli and Boğaziçi Ventures Chairman Agah Uğur.

Paket Mutfak creates delivery focused food brands and operates them from its ghost kitchens. The emphasis on delivery allows the company to set up kitchens away from high-cost retail spots while still serving in prime areas. All Paket Mutfak brands use compatible supply chains and cooking methods, enabling multiple brands to be operated from a single kitchen with shared staff and equipment.

Paket Mutfak, meaning “Delivery Kitchen” in Turkish, has been operating in Istanbul for 2 years. Currently, the startup has 6 locations and a total of 48 virtual restaurants. The company receives over 1,000 orders each day through Turkey’s largest ordering platforms; Getir, Trendyol, and Delivery Hero owned Yemeksepeti. 

“At Paket Mutfak, we are committed to creating category leading on-demand food brands and serving consumers who seek consistent, fast and tasty food delivery.” said Paket Mutfak Co-Founder Tali Şalhon. “This investment will bring us closer to our first goal of completing our Istanbul coverage, which is one of the world’s most populated cities”

Unlike most ghost kitchen companies, Paket Mutfak does not rely on third party delivery service providers and instead fulfills each order with its own courier fleet. 

 “Visibility was our focus from the beginning”. said Paket Mutfak Co-Founder Eytan Nahmiyas. “Paket Mutfak commands a long funnel beginning from sourcing raw ingredients to last-mile delivery. Our proprietary software links all our processes together. This holistic approach brings a delightful simplicity to scaling our operations.”

Paket Mutfak sources, stores and prepares all its food in its central kitchen. The company is actively investing in new machinery to increase automation, hygiene standards and overall efficiencies in production. Distribution to each Paket Mutfak ghost kitchen is done daily. Kitchens cook and assemble on-demand orders as they come in. The company’s focus on operational excellence reinforced with responsive technology enables creating and running category leading food brands with the highest consumer ratings.

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