Our Brands

Şerifali Köftecisi

At Şerifali Köftecisi, we aim to honor the essence of the traditional Turkish restaurant. Our skilled chefs transform our signature dish, meatballs, into culinary legends using daily produced meat. We invite you to experience the most delicious meatballs that will surely warm your soul.

Master Salad

We're dedicated to freshness. Using vegetables sourced straight from the fields, we craft salads that are generously dressed in flavorful sauces. Our modern approach includes a meticulous cleansing process in our state-of-the-art washing pools to ensure crispiness.

Kuzen Kanat

We combined our passion for the barbecue culture of our country with our deep love for grilling and committed ourselves to create wings that are tender and perfectly seasoned. With Kuzen Kanat, we're bringing the smoky barbecue flavor right to the comfort of your home.

Birader Burger

At the core of our burger philosophy is the desire to enhance the joy shared over a delicious meal. Meats in our burgers are grilled over an open flame and are complemented by our special sauce, that will become a cherished staple in your friendly gatherings.

Tavuk Ötesi

We handpick chickens everyday and infuse them with our delicious marinade. Our range of chicken dishes, from crispy to grilled, is crafted with energy to ensure they never lose their juiciness. Get ready for a journey to pure happiness (and beyond) with every bite.

Dürümlerin Efendisi

Soul of the city - delivered. We’ve designed a flavorful trip with our wraps, bringing the street vibes wherever you roll.

Şerifin Izgarası

Whether you crave chicken or meat, we've got you covered at Şerifin Izgarası. We deliver satisfying dishes straight from our grill to your home, showcasing our special cooking techniques.


Inspired by the vibrant city of Istanbul, our bowls celebrate the diversity of the city we’re rooted in. People call it chaos, but we call it home, and just like our city, Istanbowl is ready to conquer the hearts of bowl lovers.

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